Mask Requests

Mom and I are hand sewing face masks for healthcare workers in Columbia, TN. These masks are made with new fabrics purchased within the last year. They have a pocket for a filter. The ties are elastic that go around your head, not your ears. We have men and women's fabrics. Please email to make a request. These are free for healthcare workers. Please include the following in your request.

1. Quantity requested

2. Filter or no filter

3. Specify # of men and women if applicable.

4. Drop off location

We will reply back on if and when we can fill the order. 

**If you are not a healthcare worker but are an essential worker please list that and we will try our best to process your request.

**If you are a member of the general public you can also make a request, but there will be a $5 dollar charge. We will send you the link for purchase. Please understand that we will also be filling healthcare and essential workers' requests first.